I love helping others build their brands and create something wonderful and successful. But I'm not the best at selling myself. So, here are three things I love doing in my career:

1] I love connecting and empathizing with others to help them solve a problem. Let me get on your level and really hear what you're trying to accomplish and what your pain points are. I'm driven to create solutions for others.
2] I love organizing and streamlining communication. I'm not necessarily a ‘big idea' person. I'm the person you take big ideas to and then I create a plan to execute them by removing the fluff and providing simple and manageable solutions.
3] I love designing with purpose. Referencing UX design principles, especially the Discovery phase, is where I pull most of my creative inspiration from. The more I learn about what a business is and where they are wanting to go, the more I see the website and/or brand come to life. Above all, I'm a people person. I enjoy working and connecting with all walks of life. Let's make something wonderful together.

Random bits I'm into: 

📊   I love an excel spreadsheet, chart, and anything finance!
🎬   I'm an actress outside of the world of the web.
🏠   Native to Nashville
♉️   I think astrology is fascinating but I don't live by it (My Sun,
Moon, & Mercury are all in Taurus but I'm on the cusp of Gemini).
🎧   Currently listening to these podcasts: 
        Tim Ferriss
        Scared to Death
        To Be Magnetic
   My main priority is how users interact with the site; ensuring that users can navigate an app or site successfully and make intuitive decisions on where to click and where not to click. All while considering the expectations of the stakeholders, developers, and other designers.